Acoustics Testing

AWS is committed to offering window and door solutions that not only provide light and ventilation but help to create unique living spaces protected from harsh environmental elements.

Unwanted or harmful noise has increasingly become part of our urban environment causing annoyance and disturbance to our lifestyle. Through considered innovation, AWS offers a of windows and doors from the Elevate, Vantage and ThermalHEART brands to assist in insulating the building envelope from unwanted noise – making it easier to create beautiful living spaces which meet contemporary aspirations for efficiency and comfort.


Injury and death of children as a result of falls from windows are a tragic and preventable occurrence. The Australian Building Code has been updated in 2013 to establish regulations for the installation of windows with restricted openings in applications where there is a risk of injury or death from accidental falls.

AWS supports this initiative and has undertaken extensive research and development to allow the supply and installation of compliant window systems that will reduce the risk of injury. When installing into applications which are deemed by the BCA to require the installation of guards or restricted openings, windows can be fitted with:

* Restricted opening Chain Winders

* Buffer Stops

* Security Grilles and Guards

*Restricted opening latches

Cyclone Testing

In accordance with the AWA’s NATA accredited auditing process manufacturers are required to provide AWA auditors with a product test report. AWS Tests Aluminium windows and doors to meet the requirements for Cyclone regions C & D.

Weather Product Testing

AWS maintains an in-house team of designers and engineers that represents one of the most experienced product development groups in the industry. This capability combined with NATA accredited test facilities means Architectural Window Systems products are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they meet and exceed structural, weather and operational performance requirements.

Fire Product Testing

Many Australian homes are located in areas prone to bushfire attack. Changes to the BCA in 2011 have increased the stringency around the selection of windows and doors (along with other building materials) for new build or renovation projects in bushfire prone areas. These changes are intended to reduce the risk of loss of life or damage to property in bushfire-prone areas.