Windows are an extremely important element to any Building or Structure. Evolving through centuries of increased engineering and legislative changes, windows are no longer a simplified building product. There are a vast array of Aluminium Windows and Doors available to cater for a range of specific needs.

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By providing natural light & ventilation, Windows can increase the level of internal comfort, improve energy efficiency, improve human health and also reduce reliance on artificial lighting.
Natural light is becoming more sought after in today’s day & age, real estate advertisements and building industry forums are forever promoting and emphasizing the importance of natural light and how it can add value to your home.

Increased energy efficiency can be achieved by implementing the use of Single Glazed Low-E and Double Glazed glass products also increasing internal comfort levels. Energy efficiency can also be increased further when combined with Thermally Broken products which also reduce the transfer of heating and cooling.

The Windows in our view are a ‘Thermal ‘Wound’ within the external envelope of the building, due to this reason it is imperative that careful consideration be given to these elements regarding the initial level of investment you are to make. The long term benefits of investing additional funding in superior Windows far outweigh the possible losses incurred during the long term period of the buildings’ lifespan.

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