Awning & Casement Windows

Aluminium Awning Windows and Casement Windows are a very popular window choice, and for good reason. Awning windows wind out effortlessly from the bottom and give ventilation with a measure of protection from unexpected passing showers.

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Awning Windows also provide maximum acoustic performance, as they house a perimeter seal around the entire sash which seal against the surface of the frame providing excellent sound attenuation and also weather protection. Our range of Awning Windows in recent times have been re-tested to AS-2047 with the use of a ‘High Performance Side Latch’ allowing for widths of up to 2400mm in a single sash.

Casement windows provide extensive ventilation via controlled sash positioning, available in both push out and wind out applications, the Casement Window can provide the same aesthetic appearance as an awning window with greater ventilation properties.

Awning & Casement Windows Products